Choosing a blender

There are a huge number of blenders on the market. As with most things, the more you are willing to pay the more powerful and versatile the blender


At we cut through all the hype and simply tell you the best model available at each price point based on our own comparisons and customer reviews


Magimix 11610

159.99 plus FREE delivery



The Magimix Le Blender Black is multi functional with 4 pre set programmes for desserts, ice, soups and smoothies.

The exclusive BlenderMix system gives a finer blend. The blender is powerful and quiet and has a turbo pulse button for a creamier texture. The glass jug is heat resistant with a water tight measuring cap. A paddle is included to help fold in ingredients for large preparations.

The blender is easy to use with 3 buttons and 4 pre set programmes. It is easy to clean as it completely disassembles. There is a recipe book included with more than 80 recipes.

In our opinion this is a terrific all-rounder than will do anything you ask of it.





























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